So, we are doing something different for the month of July! ?We’ve never used our tv for actually tv (it’s not even hooked up to any channels), but we do use it for Netflix and Amazon Prime. ? After a long day of work for him ??and a long day of mommin’ for me?? it’s so easy for us to just park ourselves on the couch with our favorite show. ? We realized last week that we both have so many books on our “want to read” list and hobbies we wish we could devote more time to, so we decided to take the month of July off from TV completely. Whew. ? I don’t really think of us as addicted to Netflix, but it’s been eye-opening to see how apt we are to just put on a show if we’re home in the evening! Taking the month off from TV has gently forced us to use our time in more constructive ways in the evening: reading, doing hobbies, being outside, etc. We’re 7 days in to the month and so far I have started a new book ? learned and practiced more calligraphy ✒️ played more guitar ? and spent more time in prayer. ?? Rob and I are spending a lot more time having more in-depth conversations and playing cards ? (we’re old fashioned ?), which has been fun. I also decided along with the TV fast to take the month off from *Facebook* and I can’t even tell you how great that’s been!! ?? The more articles I read about our tech-crazed world and the negative effects it has on our psyche, the more I want to UNPLUG from it all.? I know I’m more present, peaceful, and content when I am not so connected to the digital world.? 

Here’s to being less connected to the online world and more attentive to the real world around me! ?? 

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