{Healthier} Valentine’s Chocolate Cake

We were so excited when Rob’s mom offered to babysit for us on Valentine’s Day!! ❤ We got dressed up a little and went out for drinks at a new place right down the road from our house. ??  

Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner with a gift card we had! I used to really care about making special nights like Valentine’s Day a big deal with a new restaurant and all that, but I’ve come to realize that it’s actually just as fun to go to a regular old place when you have a gift card and know your dinner is paid for!!? So we got the fun of trying out a new place for drinks while also saving money with our dinner gift card! Budget win!!  ??

Earlier in the day, I had made this flourless chocolate cake for us to eat when we got home from the date night, but we were so stuffed full of pasta and breadsticks that we decided to save it for Wednesday night instead. ?

I used to make this cake fairly often during our first year of marriage, but had forgotten about it until just recently when I was brainstorming ideas for Valentine’s desserts.
This cake still has sugar in it so it’s not *super healthy* per se, but it’s definitely *more healthy* than a lot of desserts out there. Plus it’s decadent, rich, and melts in your mouth, so what else really matters?? ? Served alongside some vanilla ice cream, it is incredible. 

Bonus: it’s only 4 ingredients, and I bet you already have 3 of them on hand in your kitchen! Doesn’t get much easier than that. ??

Check out this delicious recipe HERE. And make it now. You won’t regret it. ?

My Goals for February!

I loooooove goals. They keep me focused. They give me something to work toward. And they involve lists, which are one of my other favorite things. 😉

For years, I’ve had the habit of setting goals at the beginning of January for the new year ahead. I usually make monthly goals as well, to break down the bigger picture into more practical, do-able chunks. There’s something so fulfilling to me about having a purpose and focus for the month and then working toward those goals.

In January, I never really wrote down my goals for the month, but a couple of them were:

1) Read one new book (Check! I actually read two!)
2) Try two new recipes (Check!)
3) Go for a few runs outdoors (Check!)

I didn’t really set challenging goals for January because we were coming down from the craziness of the holiday season and trying to settle in to our new house. So I just focused on things that seemed do-able and enjoyable.

For February, I’ve added a few goals and made them a little more challenging and specific, too.

Here’s my goal list for February:

1) Read one book


I love reading, but unless I discipline myself + have a book I’m actually excited to read, I don’t tend to make time for it any more. Thankfully, we live right by a huge new library now so I have endless options at my fingertips. The book I’m planning to read for this month is Rachel Cruze’s “Love Your Life, Not Theirs” because several people lately have told me it’s really good. And it goes well with our whole budgeting focus lately! But when I went to the library to pick it up, I stumbled across a book nearby on the shelf called “On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life” and was drawn in by the raving endorsements on the back from two of my favorite authors/speakers: Brene Brown and Dave Ramsey. So I thought I’d bring that one home too and give it a try!

2) Work out abs for 10 min, 5x/week

Lydia bouncing away while I did my ab workout yesterday 😉

I loathe ab workouts. They’re my least favorite workout to do. But I want to strengthen my core (especially after having a baby) so I’m going to try to discipline myself to do a 10-min ab workout, 5 times a week. It can’t be that bad, right? 😛 I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ab exercises with you all in the next few days! I intentionally made this a very specific, measurable goal, because I knew if I didn’t then I wouldn’t keep to it at all. I’m tracking my progress on my calendar to keep me on track as well.

3) Try 2 new recipes

I tend to get stuck in a rut with my recipes, but last month I tried 2 new ones and they turned out surprisingly well! (Even though they looked nothing like the amazing picture on

One of the recipes I tried last month…it was amazing!

Pinterest… but when does that ever happen, really?)  😛 This month, I want to try 2 more new recipes to keep expanding my repertoire.

4) Practice guitar at least 3x/week

I want to be more consistent with practicing guitar so that I can actually get better at it and be able to play proficiently!!

5) Switch our cell phone plan to a new carrier

We’re paying way too much with our current plan and are planning to switch to Straight Talk, but this involves a whole process of unlocking our phones, ending our contract, etc, so I need to put it on my goal list or else I know I’ll keep putting it off!

6) Stick to the budget with the envelope system

Month 2 of the cash-envelopes system is underway!

7) Have at least one night a week with no Netflix or phones

We fall into ruts from time to time where we’ll just crash on the couch after Lydia goes to bed and turn on Netflix, or both be on our phones surfing social media or texting, with very minimal conversation (i.e. grunts and “uh-huh”s).  😛

We really enjoy playing card games, talking about our day over a glass of wine/beer, reading together, etc. We just need to discipline ourselves to keep the TV and phones turned off so that we’ll actually engage in these more purposeful activities together! 🙂 We already have a routine of turning our phones on silent and putting them away somewhere once it’s our time together in the evening, but we want to be more consistent with this!

Do you have any goals for the month?? I’d love to hear them!!